This weekend we have been celebrating our church`s 80th anniversary, notably with a barn dance yesterday and what a great time it was too. People dancing or more accurately for many including myself, `attempting the steps while moving quickly in a confused and chaotic manner` to the caller`s commands. Whatever your definition of dancing is, it was certainly a fun evening. 

And as we reflect on 80 years of the church`s history, it is great to be able to celebrate `all that has gone before,` and revel in God`s sustaining power and incredible blessings. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how long we have been attending this church, we can all celebrate something of its past and how our lives have been impacted because of it. 

80 years is a long time. In 1938 WW2 hadn`t started, King George V1 was on the throne, Neville Chamberlain was Prime Minister and a loaf of bread was 2p. We can easily forget the past especially if we weren`t alive then, but periodically, it`s good to remember where we have come from as a country and as I said last week in my article, `take a trip down memory lane` and stir our minds because the past `both good and bad, ` has contributed significantly to where we are today. 

Moreover, we can easily forget our church`s past too with today`s present issues especially if we have only been in the church a short period of time. But yesteryear has contributed significantly to our Spiritual successes and blessings here today. 

So, when other fellowships meet in schools or community centres as they cannot afford a church building, don`t forget to thank God for our church and its past or take it for granted even with all the heating costs and maintenance issues. The building is a blessing so let’s make sure we never forget it. 

Finally, we are here because of our past and as the saying goes: `The Rest Is History`.


Pastor Steve