NO WORDS

Today, as we celebrate the Greatest Day in history with our Lord`s resurrection, every year I am left speechless about the magnitude of what our Saviour did and accomplished over 2000 years ago. The awesome wonder of the empty tomb is something I cannot put into words and even when I do, the words used seem so inadequate. There are No Words that can really explain my gratitude of Christ`s redeeming work on the Cross. There are No Words that can really tell my Lord how deeply indebted I am for the sacrifice He made on my behalf. There are No Words that can really express my love to my Lord for the hope I now have and for the wonderful future I and all Christians will have with Him in eternity. Furthermore, there are quite simply No Words to explain the wonder of Resurrection Sunday. And so, on this incredible day, lets show the Lord our gratitude through heartfelt worship instead and get lost in His wonder through our genuine, earnest, honest and sincere love for Him. Moreover, let`s make sure on Resurrection Sunday, that we `fall in love with Him all over again`. That is the greatest expression of our appreciation for what Christ did for us at Calvary and in the Tomb and far more powerful than any words.   

Resurrection Blessings

Pastor Steve