COLD SHOULDER

So, Britain has been in the middle of a cold snap for the past week or so as the `Beast from the East` ravages our country. Furthermore, the amount of snow is unparalleled to anything that has gone before, but it is the freezing cold temperatures that has really instigated much conversation especially with news headlines such as: `Icy wind batters UK ` grabbing our attention. And once again the weather has caught us all by surprise even though it is winter and meteorologists had previously warned us about it [only in the UK lol].

And as people battle their way to work, school or clear their driveways there is more than a few cold shoulders out there. And these cold shoulders seem to symbolize where our country is at from a Christian point of view, because the majority have given Jesus the `cold shoulder` and unparalleled to anything gone before. As the world gives Christ a `frosty` reception and become as `cold as ice` towards His teachings and commandments, let`s make sure our relationship with God is as hot as ever because the world has a way of making us complacent in our faith. So, if you have been giving God the `cold shoulder` lately or you are in a middle of a `cold snap` with Him, then brace yourself because it will get more piercing if you don`t `snap` out of it.  

Warm blessings

Pastor Steve