A THANKFUL HEART

Mother`s Day: a day of celebration, a day to `remember`, a day for reflection, a day of pain, even a day to forget. It`s certainly a day of mixed emotions. But whatever our feelings, Mother`s Day is one of the most celebrated days in the calendar simply because no one got here without a mother. Even if you have never met her, or don`t know her name or even experienced her love, you still have a mum. But whatever our feelings are towards her, we are `here` because of them and because of that we can be truly thankful for them. So as our minds wander on to our mums today, let`s make sure we are eternally grateful for the role they have played in getting us `this far` in life. Furthermore, no mother ever thinks about having a child so they can eventually help with the house work. They think about loving and nurturing a sweet little baby. So, on this special day we can celebrate, because God gave her to us whether good, bad or indifferent.  


Pastor Steve