Having travelled to numerous countries in the past year, I have noticed that there is an epidemic disease sweeping across our world, including the UK. The disease is very infectious and without awareness, it can have a detrimental effect on your life. The disease in question is: UNGRATEFULNESS.

For me it defies logic and comprehension that anyone can fail to say thank you when a blessing, an action or some kind words have been said or done. Although it doesn’t take much to say thank you, for many people it`s the hardest thing in the world and I`m seeing it more and more. But it`s something that sadly goes back to Jesus` day. In Luke 17:11-19, of the 10 lepers Jesus healed only one came back to say thank you. A text that seems to be symbolic of our world today.

Even just saying `thank you` puts a smile on your face and it makes you feel good too, which is why I`m even more gobsmacked that so many people fail to say it. Thank you goes a long way and it can make someone’s day too and if you are someone who fails to say thanks, only says it occasionally, you don`t feel the need to say it or even oblivious to your ignorance, then maybe it`s time to address the issue and show your appreciation more regularly. I can`t help but wonder what Jesus felt when 9 lepers failed to thank him after He performed a miracle for them.

Make sure thank you is always part of your vocabulary. So, whether it`s Gracias, Merci, Grazie, Danke, Obrigado [Portuguese] Tack [Swedish], Dziekuje [Polish], Takk Skal du ha [Norwegian], Paldies, [Latvian], Dank je [Dutch] or Multumesc [Romanian] or just thank you, remember to always show your appreciation. Furthermore, failure to say thank you stops the blessings flowing into other people and eventually it will have a detrimental effect on your life as people may keep `their distance` or refuse to bless you.

One of Elvis` sayings was: `Thank you, thank you very much`, oh to have him around today to show the world how it`s done and in his own words `Thank you, thank you very much` for reading this article.


Pastor Steve