SUPER, SMASHING GREAT

A few weeks ago, Jim Bowen the legendary TV presenter best known for hosting the 1980`s/90`s darts-based game show `Bullseye`, and famous for catchphrases such as: `You can`t beat a bit of bully`, sadly passed away. Another one of his sayings was `Super, Smashing, Great` and although I can`t say it like he did in his northern accent, those 3 words are what I want to challenge you in regards to your Christian walk.

If I was to ask you how you are doing Spiritually would you be able to answer: `Super, Smashing, Great`? Unfortunately, `life` has a way of hindering our closeness with God and more often than not, it can be more like `OK, Average, Dull. ` And if that applies to your relationship with God today or in the future then instead of aiming for 1 or 5 on your Spiritual dartboard, aim for the `bullseye` by raising the bar in your prayer life, devotional time and in your worship. Furthermore, if you do then you really will achieve a `Super, Smashing, Great` faith and you won`t be darting around aimlessly but you will experience a real purpose in your Christian life.

So, my challenge for you all is to make sure that when you meet your Maker, He doesn`t say to you as Jim would say to the contestants after they had lost everything: `Look at what you could`ve won` because you didn`t honour God in the way you should have. 


Pastor Steve