THE WAITING ROOM

Last Tuesday, Debs had hurt herself at work but the pain in her hand didn`t really cause her much distress until the bruising started to come out around about Midnight. So, for fear that she may have broken her middle finger, we immediately took her for an X-ray and although the initial response from the hospital staff was quick and the X-ray was prompt, getting the results, well, that was another matter altogether. And having sat in The Waiting Room being restless for nearly 5 hours the doctor finally responded and praise God, nothing was broken.

But waiting can be so frustrating and it doesn`t matter how many times the receptionist says `you are next`, until your name is called out you don`t believe it. Furthermore, the waiting can be soul-destroying because you just don`t know when it will be your turn or whether they have forgotten about you, but waiting is all we can do. 

But just because we can`t see what is going on `behind the scenes` does not mean we have been overlooked, we just have to sit patiently in The Waiting Room until they are ready. And that can also apply to our faith. Just because we can`t see God working `behind the scenes` does not mean He has forgotten about us, sometimes we just have to sit patiently in The Waiting Room until He is ready. 

But rest assured, God will eventually call your name as He responds to your need. The problem is, we just don’t know when it will be our turn which can make us very restless and doubtful. But rather than getting all frustrated especially when others are `being called` instead of you, remember, God is working on your behalf just like those doctors and nurses in GWH.


Pastor Steve