Having spent a couple of weeks in Norway recently there were a few notable differences compared with the UK. The cost of living is exorbitant with consumer prices 56% higher, the way of life is very relaxed and it`s a vast country too. Also, the roads are less congested as the population is considerably smaller than the UK.

But a significant difference is the way Norwegians drive as it is illegal to tailgate the driver in front of you. To see large spaces between every vehicle on every type of road was amazing with every one `keeping their distance`. It was a pleasure to drive in the Hardangerfjord region as you never felt rushed or intimidated. It also meant you could enjoy the breath-taking scenery more. `Keep your distance` was a real benefit to every motorist as you felt safer and more refreshed.

The Spiritual question is: where do you need to `keep your distance` in regards to worldly influences? Temptation? Things we watch, read or listen to? People who have a negative influence over your life?  The things we say or do? Religious practices? Or other?  Regrettably and far too often, people `tailgate` or get too close to things that are not beneficial to their lives or to their faith. So, do you need to put some `space` between you and those things in front of you that are controlling you or affecting your relationship with God? If you do, then you will be `on the road` to Spiritual success.


Pastor Steve