DON'T PEAK

One of the greatest privileges of being a Dad is seeing Daniel and Naomi grow from babies to toddlers to children to teenagers to adults. To see their development over the years has been amazing and now that they are adults and have left home for pastures new, I am very impressed with them both.

However, I`m not content for them to stop developing now they are more mature. I am always looking for further progress and growth in their personal lives, as with any Dad. The moment my son and daughter stop developing is when their lives become routine and mundane, but fortunately, they always have an eye for bigger, better and greater things.

And from a Spiritual perspective, when we became a Christian, Jesus didn`t expects us to remain a `baby Christian or a young believer` until we die, He expected and still expects us to further our development every day. As Christians, we can NEVER peak in our Spiritual lives because there is always another level to go to.

Furthermore, with Daniel and Naomi having entered a new chapter in their lives recently, it`s bringing them new experiences, new opportunities, more knowledge and greater awareness. With Debbie no longer having to buy my Father’s Day card or gift on their behalf or get them to tell me they love me or even remind them of the significance of today are signs of Daniel and Naomi`s development. What are the signs that show you are developing as a Christian? 


Pastor Steve