(Luke 24: 50-53)

Whilst travelling recently I noticed a lorry with the slogan `A Tough Act to Follow` splattered across the trailer. I can’t remember what was being advertised but those words really caught my attention. The company was basically saying that `our achievements has set a standard which we regard as being difficult for others to measure up to`. What a statement and what a challenge too for those connected with that business as those expectations placed upon them will take some living up to.

When Anthony Eden succeeded Winston Churchill as Prime Minster and when David Moyes replaced Alex Ferguson as Manchester United manager they really were tough acts to follow. In other words, these two men were so successful that emulating them would be extremely difficult and so it proved for Eden and Moyes.

When Jesus ascended into Heaven in Luke 24, He handed the reins of His ministry over to the disciples and the words, `A tough Act to Follow` must have been on their lips. Furthermore, if there was ever a tough act to follow this really was the one: How can we emulate Jesus? How can we perform miracles? How can we meet the needs of the community like Jesus did, how can we preach sermons like Christ preached and how can we be all things to all people? Yes, it really was a tough act to follow but when Jesus left them he also left them the Holy Spirit and the same Spirit that enabled the disciples to continue Christ`s work is the same Spirt that is with us today.

When we become a Christian, Jesus expects us to continue His work here on earth and because He really is a tough act to follow we are guaranteed that the Holy Spirit will be empowering us along the way. Moreover, in John 14:12 Jesus says, `we will do even greater things than Him` WOW, what a statement. So don`t be put off by limited ability or understanding but remember that the Holy Spirit will always equip you.


Pastor Steve