PEACE AND QUIET

PEACE AND QUIET…that’s what many of us long for especially if we are a parent of young children or after we have been working flat out for our boss. But when it comes to God we don`t long for `peace and quiet` with Him in quite the same way. We struggle to find the time to be still before Him and then when we are before Him we then struggle to `switch off` from every pressing issue we have.

I had the privileged of leading a short memorial service for a 16-year-old student on Friday. It was a very moving and poignant time especially in the quiet that followed. The peace of God was undeniably in the classroom that afternoon, even if the 25 students were unaware of it. And whist I was reflecting on what was a very emotional time, I felt God say that `Peace and Quiet` is what we need more of in our Christian lives too, so to allow the peace of God to flood over us while we meditate on Him in our quietness.

Peace and Quiet is something we don`t get much of today, and that can be said of God`s peace too because we are just too busy to receive it. So please make sure you make the time to be still before your Lord. It’s where you get empowered as you have an encounter. Jesus often headed off into the hills to have peace and quiet with His Father, maybe you need to do that too around the Wiltshire hills.    


Pastor Steve