I always enjoy watching `DIY S.O.S, The Big Build` with Nick Knowles and last Wednesday’s episode was no different. Nick`s team of builders, plumbers, electricians, plasterers and interior designer etc decided to help the family of 24-year-old Ryan who had brain damage. The house needed renovating and extending to allow Ryan to move back home after being hospitalized for 5 years. This programme always brings such emotion because of the people it helps and to see workmen crying because of the impact on other people’s lives is truly inspiring. Even Nick Knowles became very emotional at the end of the show whilst reading a thank you letter from Ryan.

That`s what happens when you help others. It`s also inspirational when a community [this time in Bristol] comes together to help in the renovation. Furthermore, one man even commented `that this was the most exciting thing he had ever done` in terms of him assisting with the project. The Big Build is primarily about construction and restoration but this DIY show takes it two steps further as it helps to Restore broken lives and Build community too, as everyone from everywhere comes out to help. Living in a world where it`s all about `me, myself and i` even our devices all begin with `i`: iphone, ipad, ipod etc so it so refreshing to see people putting others first. I

n Philippians 2:3-4 it says, `do nothing out of selfish ambition but look to the interests of others`. When we take our eyes off of ourselves it`s amazing how much we can achieve, how great we can feel and how blessed others can be too. I trust `DIY, SOS` will encourage you to build bridges not walls.     


Pastor Steve