When Dan and Naomi were children I longed for fireworks night as their excitement and enthusiasm brought the display alive even more than usual. The fun of lighting a firework and then seeing it shoot off into the night time sky was wonderful as the children gazed at the array of colours, looked up at the illuminations, covered their ears from the loud explosions and watched in wonder as each firework brought a different effect.

Furthermore, the intrigue of a firework from a child`s perspective always made my fireworks night even more special as a Dad. And I must admit, I still get a `buzz` from lighting them now especially the rockets and the bangers. But the firework that I really enjoy launching is the 500-shot mega explosive where one match ignites all 500. It may only be one match but Wow, what it can do is incredible. Yes, it`s amazing what one match can do and it`s amazing what one Christian can do too. When all Christians are performing as they should be for the Glory of God the effect will be incredible.

Moreover, they won`t be lighting up the sky anytime soon but they certainly will be lighting up people`s hearts as they `shoot off` into their communities, works places and neighbourhoods. As God`s `Spiritual fireworks` are you being as effective as you could be? Are you capable of greater things for the Kingdom of God? Do you ignite a person’s life? And does your faith cause an explosion wherever you go? Sadly, too many Christians live like a dud firework: they promise much but fail to function. What we need today is `Explosive Christianity` so why not brighten up your neighbourhood tomorrow night and be a firecracker for God because when you allow the Holy Spirt to use you, there will always be `fireworks`


Pastor Steve