In the news this week, a grandmother discovered a light bulb that was bought from Woolworths [remember them?] in 1943 still works today, 75 years later. The bulb had somehow survived numerous air raids, moving house several times and boisterous children and grandchildren. For the light bulb to still be glowing nearly 8 decades later is nothing short of miraculous and something for the defunct retailers Woolworths and the manufacturers to celebrate. I wonder if light bulbs that are made today will still be in good working order 75 years from now?

Sadly, we live in a very dark world today and if we are ever to see a greater move of God upon our land then it will be through those whose Spiritual light bulbs are still glowing. Today, God is looking for more and more Christians to shine out for Him i.e.: by the way they live their lives, up-to-date testimonies of God`s blessings, their relationship with Jesus and the willingness to share the love of God.

In Matt. 5:15 it says, `do not put a light under a bowl` and then in Matt. 5:16 instructs us to `let our light shine before others. Sadly, too many Christian lights have `gone out` because of hardship, pain, despair or stress. But today I want to encourage you all to have regular `Light Bulb Moments` where we are inspired to keep shining God`s light into the dark corners of our town. Furthermore, our Spiritual light bulb could still be glowing 75 years from now because of the impact we have made in people`s lives today and the legacy we leave behind. And that really is something worth celebrating.


Pastor Steve