Updating is a word that is regularly seen on big or small screens and it`s a word that can frustrate us but can also improve the quality of our work and social life. Updates our needed if our electronic devices, computers, televisions, iPads and tablets etc are to function properly. If you have any device then updating can interrupt our day, our work and our play time. And however irritating updating can be, it`s essential if we are to keep abreast with new technology and keep our devices secure and bug-free. If there are no updates then the devices can fail to perform to the level they were designed for and subsequently, they can become stale, boring and tired, especially when compared to the updated versions.

My new phone of 1 month, updated itself this week and it`s even newer than when I brought it with its new features and programmes. Updating means: to modernize, refresh, bring-up-to-date and `keep it current`. And updating is something that all Christians should be inspired to do in their faith especially when it comes to their Testimony.

Unfortunately, though, there are many Christian testimonies that are stale, boring and tired as they have either, never been updated since the day they were saved or at least for a very long time. Testimonies need to be modern, refreshing and current because an up-to-date testimony shows that God is actively and presently moving and working in the lives of believers and not just a past experience or faded blessing. Every day God is doing something in or through us but do you have an everyday testimony?

Apostle Paul was so passionate about serving His Lord that everyday He could testify to the greatness of God. From the moment Paul was saved on the Road to Damascus [Acts 22] right up to His death, Paul had an up-to-date testimony as a result of Him serving His Lord and consequently, experienced God`s awesome wonder daily too. Paul was a man who was never content to live in the past or in yesterday’s successes, and I for one can’t wait to hear His testimonies in person. Does the way we serve our Lord make people hungry to hear about what God is doing in our lives? What a challenge!

So, let`s make sure our testimony is always current and not, `that is so last year` as we serve our Lord in the community. Vodaphone’s recent slogan says it all: `The future is exciting. Ready?


Pastor Steve