When my daughter Naomi was at New College a few years ago, one of her lecturers was so inspired by her Christianity that he said to her, `You have an enviable faith` and it goes without saying that it made her parents very proud indeed. In other words, because Naomi had made her faith so attractive and exciting it ultimately `rubbed off` on him, and although he was not a believer himself, he was jealous of what she had and wished that he could believe in God in the same way and with the same conviction.

Furthermore, he desperately wanted to have what Naomi had but didn`t know how to get it.  For someone to say, `You have an enviable faith` means that they have been highly impressed and inspired by someone who is living passionately for their God.

In the bible, Peter had an enviable faith which is why 3000 people became Christians. [Acts 2:41] An enviable faith attracts people and it makes people want what you have. An enviable faith is desirable because it shows people what they could have and that life can be different.

Guess what? You hold the keys to someone`s conversion! But the question is: are you opening the door for someone to have a faith in God because of your passion for Jesus or are you locking people out by your religious behaviour? Don`t ever forget what we have or who we are in Christ. Many would love to have a belief like ours, so please don`t take it for granted.    


Pastor Steve