BE AMAZED

When Debs and I arrived in Krakow, Poland recently I was amazed at how beautiful that city is. Having spent a day there in `84 as a 21-year-old I forgot how wonderful it was. And as we explored Krakow further, I was amazed at the temperature of the weather as it reached 29/30 degrees most days. I was also amazed at the stunning castle, beautiful river, incredible market square and the amount of people there. I was also amazed at the volume of traffic with trams, cars, bikes, buses, vans, lorries, horses and carts and hop on/hop off `buggies` all vying for the limited road space. I was also amazed at the stunning scenery Poland has to offer as we ventured up the mountains. I was also amazed at the historical aspects of Krakow and how cheap it is to buy things, especially food. I never stopped being amazed.

I trust that that is the case in your relationship with Jesus. That you never stop being amazed at who He is and what He achieved on the Cross on our behalf. Throw in those blessings, answered prayers, `opened doors` healings and provisions then you really can be amazed at who Jesus is. Moreover, when you are struggling, frustrated or upset with God, don`t ever stop being AMAZED because without Him we would simply be in a maze. It`s His hope that keeps life worth living and the ability to `dance in the rain`. Furthermore, however spectacular Krakow is, it`s not a patch on Heaven and this very thought should be what keeps our faith alive. 


Pastor Steve