BRICK BY BRICK

If I was to say to you what is Denmark famous for, you would probably burst into song with, `Wonderful, Wonderful, Copenhagen` and then mention Danish bacon, Danish pastries, Danish blue cheese and possibly Carlsberg and Hamlet depending on your Danish knowledge. But you can also add LEGO to that impressive list too. Lego: it`s in most people’s homes either lost, unused or propping up a table, but for any toy enthusiast it is a `must have`.

To build something `Brick by Brick` is a great challenge, and even if you have never owned Lego yourself, you have probably still played with it from time to time whether helping a grandchild or a friend’s child or even assisting a toddler in the playgroup at church. Did You Know, that when stepped on barefooted, a plastic Lego brick causes the same amount of pain as standing on a brick barefooted. And having built many a house, car, castle and tree with my children over the years, I also know that the different shapes, different colours and different sizes can all interlock with the other bricks no matter the shape or size, which can ultimately produce some impressive models, especially when all bricks are used.

As people in this church community we can learn a lot from Lego with our different shapes, different colours and different sizes, because when interlocked with other people we can produce some impressive work too, especially when all the `bricks` are being used. And although much has been established at ECC over the years so much more could have been done, but sadly, too many `bricks` were and are doing nothing like a misplaced piece of Lego. The question is: is your `brick` being used to build God`s kingdom here in Swindon? It`s not about shape, size or colour but a willingness to be used and just like Lego `brick by brick`


Pastor Steve