HAVE YOUR WITS ABOUT YOU

`Have your wits about you` was certainly something Debs and I needed when we visited Krakow recently. Exploring this vibrant, bustling Polish city with its sheer volume of traffic, vast amount of people, pickpockets, crowds, street entertainers, stag and hen do`s and even the `ladies of the night` which on one occasion I was accosted by one, made us extremely vigilant and attentive. It was very easy to get distracted, fall in to temptation, be `caught off guard` and `get ripped off` if you weren’t on `full alert` because of the constant bombardment of what this city threw at us.

That also applies to us as Christians. Yes, you need to `have your wits about you` if you are to cope with what the devil and this world throws at you, because there is temptation, bombardment and distraction around every corner. In Matthew 4:1-11, Jesus was being tempted in the wilderness and He certainly needed to `have His wits about Him` during those 40 days and 40 nights of the devil`s constant attack on Him. It doesn’t matter how long we have been a Christian, what spiritual procedures we put in place, how well versed we are in Scripture or how amazing how testimony or ministry is, the devil will accost us at every opportunity and ONLY those who `have their wits about them` spiritually, which is awareness, discernment, wisdom and vigilance will be able to resist him, stand firm and not bow to temptation.

As it gets more difficult to be a Christian, I encourage you to adopt the same words as our Lord used when He was in the Wilderness [v10 of the above text]: `Away from me Satan and worship the Lord your God and serve Him only`. I believe when we apply these words to our lives we will be given the strength and insight to cope when we are at our `wits end`.  


Pastor Steve