(Isaiah 40:29)

Whenever I am on holiday in a mountainous region, I love to climb those rocky peaks whether it`s in Switzerland, Norway, Italy or Southern France etc. Now, please don`t mistake me for a mountaineer or rock climber because that would be silly lol, but I do love to undertake such challenges. It’s the arduous climb, the sweat, the aching limbs and the stony terrains that make me appreciate the stunning views and when I reach the top or arrive at my stopping point the feeling is always `out of this world`, not forgetting the sensations that I experience when I look back at what I have achieved, conquered and overcame. Furthermore, the higher I went the more breath-taking the view.

In life, we have many `mountains` to climb notably financial, marital, relational, career and family issues amongst many others and often they can be overwhelming like the glacier Debs and I faced in Norway recently, but with determination, tenacity and a bit of `grit` too, it`s amazing what can be accomplished…just look at our Norwegian photos! `Climb Every Mountain` is not only a well-known song but a statement of intent to overcome all obstacles that we face in life and that are distorting our view of the bigger picture of what God has in store for us. It`s only when we `look back` that we can see how far we have come and what we are capable of. Too often we look UP at the size of our mountains and then give UP, but if we can see our problems as part of the process to greater things then the view will eventually be spectacular.    


Pastor Steve