PULL YOUR SOCKS UP

While out walking in the Chepstow countryside recently, I found myself occasionally pulling my socks up due to the dodgy elastic. And it`s not just walking when we have to periodically `pull our socks up`. As children and teenagers, our parents probably `pulled their hair out` by telling us to `pull our socks up`. It`s a phrase about improving performance or behaviour and was used primarily in regard to tidying our room, doing our homework, helping with the housework, getting rid of a bad attitude or stop lazing around. Even our teachers may have said it to us too.

Furthermore, as we entered adulthood, no doubt we have all experienced that phrase again from bosses, colleagues and friends. And today from your Pastor as well, as some of you need to `pull your socks up` in terms of your Christian commitment, worship, devotional time and giving [both time and money].

For some, your Spiritual socks have fallen down through apathy, complacency, indifference, frustration, bitterness, unfairness and regret. So, if they are `wrapped around your ankles` then I challenge you to raise the bar in your faith as that`s the `elastic` that will keep them up and which allows God to `blow your socks off` of his incredible blessings.


Pastor Steve