HIDDEN TALENT

A few weeks ago, and after 3 months of auditions and 5 live semi-finals, Britain’s Got Talent was won by comedian Lost Voice Guy [Lee Ridley]. Lee is a disabled performer who suffers from mutism which is a speech disorder and who is also unable to speak. Over 12 weeks, contestants perform their `talent` before the judges trying to impress them with their performance on stage with talent varying from the amazing to the atrocious, brilliant to the bizarre, outrageous to the outstanding and weird to the wonderful.

After 11 years of BGT, it still amazes me how contestants continually believe in themselves and in their talent however rubbish or incredible they may be, and they are never ashamed or worried about what people may think of them either. Furthermore, they are people who are prepared to `give it a go` and are not put off by a lack of confidence, self-doubt, nervousness, heckling, booing or the judges’ comments. One thing BGT has emphasised over the years is that everyone has a talent and more than one in many cases.

In Matthew 25:14-30, you find the Parable of the Talents [in some bibles, Talents are Bags of Gold]. The story is about a Master who gave his three servants different Talents according to their ability. 2 invested their talents while the other was guilty of hiding his. What are you doing with your talent/s that God has given you? Are you using it for God`s glory here in this church or the community or hiding it. For some, it`s time you started using your talent [and that is anything you are good at]. So, don`t be worried about what people may say, how you may feel or if you are struggling with self-doubt because `the stage is set` for you to show off what God has given you and be assured that He will equip you along the way.

So, `don`t hide your talent because you may have a hidden talent`. Finally, Lee proved anything is possible, what about you?


Pastor Steve