Recently, I went to B&Q and for someone who loves DIY, it is the equivalent of a `child in a sweet shop` with all those `goodies` on offer. And every time I visit one of those stores or the equivalent, I am always amazed by the number of products on offer, as well as the incredible variety. Just the `nail aisle` is something to behold. And as I walked from aisle to aisle, I found myself thinking ‘Wow, every shelf is full up with something and every bit of floor space has something on it`.

I also found myself saying, `Thank you Lord for all that we have` and that was not exclusively to B&Q but to every shop or supermarket. When I was out walking last week, I found myself marvelling once again at nature and God`s awesome handiwork. Each time I fill up the car there is always fuel available. When visiting any restaurant, the variety of food is astonishing. Even at the cinema there is always at least 8 films to choose from. The range of coffee available is also mind-blowing and when it comes to clothes, boy, are we spoilt. I could go on but you get the picture.

We are a very blessed people indeed but unfortunately not everyone is appreciative, and sadly, we live in a world where people take things for granted too. So, whether it’s: flying to a holiday destination, buying a car, eating chocolate, watching TV, going to the theatre, reading a book or buying toys…there is so much choice! HARVEST amongst other things, is a time to give thanks to God for all that we have, for the choices on offer and all that He provides. It`s a season to remind us that we are extremely blessed. So, whether we can eat it, drink it, look at it, engage in it, wear it or travel to it, IT all comes from God.

Furthermore, the Harvest Song, `We plough the fields and scatter `, is a reminder to be appreciative for all that we have because as the chorus says, `all good gifts around us are sent from heaven above`. So, let’s make sure we always give thanks to God and with a grateful heart too.    


Pastor Steve