Last week, we heard the news that tennis star Andy Murray is `hanging up his racquet` when he quits after Wimbledon in July, due to a persistent hip injury. And sadly, he may even stop before the summer if the pain deteriorates. It`s an injury that has made him miss so much tennis over the past 2 years and whether you are a fan of the sport or not, it’s disappointing that a man in his prime and who at the age of 31 could still be challenging at the top, is unable to carry on.

But having read up on Andy`s injury, you can`t be anything but impressed with his attitude and commitment despite the pain he has endured. He has undergone several operations but refused to give up. He has suffered many setbacks in his desire to get back to full fitness, yet still persevered. Furthermore, Andy never stopped training and when a professional sportsperson is unable to participate in the sport they love, it must be soul-destroying.

In Romans 5:3-4, Paul talks about perseverance and it is a word that can cause much sweat just thinking about it, let alone doing it. As Andy knows all to well, perseverance is not for the faint-hearted as it takes dedication, commitment and sacrifice which are 3 things Andy had in abundance but 3 things that are missing in many Christians. Sadly, numerous believers today are giving up the faith while others are simply giving up on their commitment to the church.

Furthermore, in a day when God is looking for Christians to persevere like never before because of the challenges of this world, I trust Andy`s dedication to his cause will inspire you to be dedicated to Christ`s cause, which is to share the Gospel message and be fully committed to your church. As Andy experienced in his illustrious career `the ball has been in his court` on many occasions. And Spiritually speaking, the same applies to you now because `the ball is in your court` about your dedication, commitment and sacrifice to God in 2019. I trust you will `serve up an ace` with the decisions you make.   


Pastor Steve