Last week we heard of the passing of the great comic book writer Stan Lee, known for many iconic characters such as: Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, and the X-Men and he was also once Editor-in-chief of MARVEL Comics. `Stan was a man with a plan` and that was to inspire others, connect with his audience and bring enjoyment into people`s lives through escapism, and through His Superheroes, he did a super job. And one thing his superheroes have, is Courage. The courage to embrace every situation with open hands whilst protecting the public from evil or reaching out with a compassionate heart.

Today the world is full of real-life Superheroes: charity and community workers, those who work with the homeless or with addictions, carers, rescuers and of course the emergency services amongst many others, people who are full of courage as they put self to one side, and all of this prompts me to ask the question, `Are you a superhero`? Do you have courage to affect your town? Are you brave enough to share Christ to a confused and hurting society? Do you have the nerve to embrace every situation with open hands whilst reaching out with a compassionate heart?

Every Christian is armed with a `superpower`: it’s called the Holy Spirit which empowers believers to do amazing things for God, and with the rise in evil escalating at an alarming rate, we need to be protecting our community from the `devil`s evil tricks`. In Spider Man 3, a man in Times Square says to Spiderman’s alias Peter Parker, `I guess one person can make a difference` and that is so true of everyone. So, as we prepare for 2019, let’s aim to show more courage next year in all that we do for God as that really would be, absolutely MARVELLOUS


Pastor Steve