Some of you will know that my favourite Carol is `In the Bleak Midwinter`, partly because of the tune but mainly because the lyrics are so poignant but not just for Advent, but throughout the year too. Sadly, our world today seems to be constantly `In the Bleak Midwinter` with many delicate and controversial issues dominating our news and our daily circumstances controlling our lives. It’s very hard not to feel like the characters in Narnia who endured a hundred years of winter.

Furthermore, when winter arrives it can feel as though summer will never come again and that feeling can apply to our lives too as we wait for our conditions to change which can seem like 100 years. `In the Bleak Midwinter` can make us lose focus believing that this is what life will always be like rather than thriving as God intended.

So, whatever you are facing today and whatever life throws at you in 2019, I want the words from the second verse of the above Carol to bring you much peace during Christmas and much joy for the New Year: `Our God, Heaven cannot hold Him nor earth sustain; Heaven and earth shall flee away when He comes to reign`. At a time when baby Jesus is given more attention than the Coming King, may our focus and thoughts turn to our awesome Saviour than to the babe in a manger, because it`s knowing that Jesus IS COMING AGAIN as King of Kings is what will stop us from having `cold feet` in our faith, when we periodically become `snowed under` with life issues.

The last two lines of this wonderful Carol says: `Yet what I can I give Him, give my heart` and I believe `giving our hearts` constantly to God is the antidote to the winter blues irrespective of the circumstances we face.


Pastor Steve