`What a star? Ever had those words said about you or have you ever said them to someone else? `What a star` is something that`s said when a person has been nice and helpful to you. It`s a way of praising and applauding them. `What a star` also signifies something great has just taken place and it`s worth celebrating.

The best-known symbol at Christmas is the Star that shone over the stable and lit up the night time sky. And `What a Star` it was. And this star was a source of incredible joy to the 3 wise men who followed it to Bethlehem to see the new born Messiah. The `star of wonder` also pointed people to Jesus including the shepherds and it also drew people`s attention to this incredible event taking place.

Sadly, Christmas can be more about sports stars, pop stars and reality stars than the `STAR of Bethlehem` and that`s not the `fixed luminous point of burning gas in the sky` but Jesus Himself. The STAR of Bethlehem was born in a dark and messy stable so Jesus could relate and help us with our dark and messy lives and that’s something worth celebrating.

Furthermore, if we are to have a fantastic Christmas and an amazing 2019, the STAR of Bethlehem, needs to be constantly shining above, around and in our lives otherwise it will become very dark indeed. If you have watched any of Michael McIntyre’s Big Show on Saturday evenings then you will be aware of The Unexpected Star of the Show element at the end of the programme, where a member of the public is given the chance of a lifetime to sing before the audience. The `unexpected star` AT Christmas highlights the `Unexpected STAR` OF Christmas who came surprisingly, unannounced but in all His glory to give all Christians the chance of a lifetime to spend Eternity with God where we will have the chance to sing before our Lord, forever.

`What a STAR`


Pastor Steve