Concentrating is one of the hardest things to do because of distractions, other interests, tiredness, boredom, or other things vying for our attention. Last week after watching another episode of MasterChef: The Professionals, I found myself `losing the will to live` after seeing the chefs, one after the other and for the umpteenth time create a chicken and bacon sandwich in the `skills test`. I ended up washing up instead as desperation took over. Fixing my eyes on the same task over and over again not only bored me but I lost concentration too.

Furthermore, when we lose concentration accidents occurs, it can cause people to make mistakes, forget things, overlook things and even do the wrong things etc. One of the most difficult things for Christians to do is to concentrate fully on God, whether that`s through the pressures of life or by our minds wandering. Although are troubles make us look to God our thoughts tend to divert our attention elsewhere. Furthermore, it`s never easy to totally `switch off` from our circumstances, so challenge yourself to address those issues that `makes your mind wander` so you can concentrate on God more specifically and more profoundly.

So how can we train our minds?

1. Build your willpower.

2. Make God your priority in your devotional time rather than going through the motions.

3. Be prepared by turning your thoughts on to God fifteen minutes before you spend specific time with Him.

4. Clear your mind from all that is worrying you.

5.Constantly remind yourself of what God means to you.

6. Spend time with God EVERY DAY which will help you connect with Him better.

7. Pray more fervently which will increase your desire for God.

Finally, and so that you Don't Lose Concentration, make sure you implement these 7 nuggets into your devotions and then watch as your faith develops. 


Pastor Steve