You may have noticed last week that two sport personalities brought their `game` into disrepute for bad behaviour. `Don`t Lose Your Head` or in other words have self-control would have been good advice to golfing superstar Sergio Garcia who deliberately damaged the putting greens in Saudi Arabia and to snooker player Mark Allen who deliberately conceded the match against Ali Carter despite 3 frames still to play. Both players were being paid handsomely. Both players are at the top of their games. And both players are the envy of many people. But both men `lost their heads` by allowing frustration to dictate their behaviour and consequently, Garcia was instantly disqualified and Allen is now facing disciplinary action. And while both players actions and reactions were wrong, let`s not be too critical on Sergio and Mark because frustration can cause even the most mild-mannered person to behave erratically and make some bad or wrong choices.

Frustration is part of human nature and it can often rear its ugly head with regret not too far behind. Living in a world that increasingly brings frustration, not least the Brexit issue, and not forgetting our own personal issues too, I want to encourage you all, not to Lose Your Head whenever you feel frustrated, but to stay in control of your body, actions and temperament and `take control of your behaviour before your behaviour takes control of you`.

Jesus could have `lost his head` on many occasions due to frustration, especially with the disciples, the Pharisees and people`s lack of understanding over his teachings and ministry. And Apostle Paul could have `lost His head` too because of injustice, unfair imprisonment and people`s hatred towards Him, but both men rose above their emotions and allowed their integrity to dictate their decision-making. In Galatians 5:22-23 self-control is one of the fruits of the Spirit and something Paul challenges us to adhere to in our lives.

So, the next time you are close to `losing it` I encourage you to ponder on these 4 things

1. Think of the effect your behaviour could have on others.

2. Look at the bigger picture.

3. Assess your frustration in regards to Christ`s return and

4.  What does your action and reaction say about your character?

T.F. Hodge said `To conquer frustration, one must remain intensely focused on the outcome, not the obstacles`. Food for Thought.


Pastor Steve