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                            ATTENTION TO DETAIL

Speaking with my son Dan recently who`s studying at Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln, the phrase `attention to detail` kept coming up in conversation. Yes, due to the bigger projects that Dan is involved in meant that some of the smaller matters were being overlooked. These issues may not seem vital compared to the greater scheme of things however, they are just as important if the projects are to be a success.

`Attention to detail` is the ability to achieve thoroughness and accuracy when accomplishing a task and requires continued focus on the little things and ignoring the finer details will have a negative impact.

Ask any golfer, parent, mechanic, teacher or engineer about what it takes to be successful and they will all point to the `little things`, because and as the Post Office told us a few years ago with their catchy slogan: it`s `the little things that make the big things happen`. When God created this world, He did so with an `attention to detail` attitude, and we only have to look at the animal kingdom to see this: some animals run, some fly, some hop, some swim and some burrow, each has a particular role to play based on the way God created them.

And when God created us too He planned everything perfectly right down to the smallest detail. Job said, `Your hands shaped me and made me` [Job 10:8] and God`s `attention to detail` formed us and shaped us too so that we could serve Him in a way that makes our ministry, our service, our faith, our personality, our life and our Spiritual journey unique. Moreover, it`s your talents, abilities, gifts and personalities that God wants you to use to make the `bigger things happen` for His glory here on earth, so don`t let His `attention to detail` in your life go to waste in 2018.

When Jesus walked this earth over 2000 years ago, his `attention to detail` was also incredible. For example: the way He ministered to the little children in Mark 10:13-16 was so humbling, and how Jesus identified the disciples He wanted as part of His team was so calculated and deliberate, not forgetting the fish BBQ on the beach after Jesus reinstated Peter as a disciple in John 21, because it was meticulously planned to perfection in bringing restoration to Peter`s broken heart. Furthermore, when Jesus rose from the grave it was the neatly folded grave clothes that emphasised His authority over death and as Saviour of the world.

Yes, in all 4 stories Jesus`s `attention to detail` was unmistakeable but caring for the children, the BBQ, the calling of his disciples and the neatly folded grave clothes compared to His many miracles pale into insignificance but was still VITAL to Jesus`s work. And still on the family theme, when Debs organised her works conference recently, she spent many hours finalising the finer points and after such a successful event she has been receiving constant praise and compliments from the company’s directors and colleagues alike, which has resulted in her in receiving a certificate of accomplishment.

So, make sure your `attention to detail `in serving God however insignificant you think it is, is carried out with diligence because it`s those little things that will bring about incredible testimonies and Spiritual success. So remember, the smaller matters, matter. 

Pastor Steve