Last Sunday, I watched in utter amazement an inspiring yet nerve-tingling, pulse-racing documentary that gave me sweaty palms just by looking on. Yes, from the comfort of my sofa I broke out into a cold sweat with palpitations running through my body, as I watched professional rock climber Alex Honnold successfully conquer the famous El Capitan’s 3,000ft vertical rock face at Yosemite National Park in California.

Now, Alex`s achievements do not sound that impressive as many people have climbed that rock face before. However, this rock climb was unlike anything that had gone before, because this was the first ever Free Solo ascent which means there were NO ropes attached to him, NO metal spikes to hold onto, NO safety gear or harness and NO safety net either. Alex was one slip from death and was quite literally, `hanging on by his finger tips` and feet as he made his way to the top.

But death didn`t bother him. Failure in conquering that rock-face or simply not trying bothered him far more. And as I thought about what Alex did however crazy it was, as Christians, we should be regularly `Hanging on by our finger tips`. Usually this saying is associated with narrowly avoiding problems, but on this occasion it`s referring to us pushing ourselves to the limit of what we are capable of and consequently, totally reliant on God for our protection, safety and Spiritual success. It means that we are not prepared to serve God by taking the easy way out, but will `put our lives on the line` for the sake of the Gospel, whatever the cost. Alex was not worried about falling because his adrenaline created an incredible desire within him for achieving greatness.

Too many Christians settle for average, the comfortable life or the easy way out, but God is looking for Spiritual adrenaline junkies who refuse to settle for mediocre Christianity and risk everything for their Lord. It was far safer admiring Alex from a distance on Sunday, but how I wished I had the guts to accomplish what He did. After achieving the impossible, Alex`s first words at the summit were `what`s next`. Are you always looking for greater challenges in your faith? God is looking for people who are always asking `what`s next` in their service to Him, yes, people who are always `reaching for the sky` like Alex Honnold


Pastor Steve