Once again Valentine`s Day was celebrated last Thursday as sentimental behaviour swept through our nation. And whether it was people who are romantically involved or just attracted to others, there was certainly a lot of soppy, slushy, gushy romantic emotions on display as Loved Up people showed their affections. As I walked through one shop to buy something for my loved one [please don`t tell Debs lol], it was wonderful to see people of all ages buying cards and gifts for that `special person`.

Valentine`s Day may have become commercialized over the years with an annual billion-pound turnover in the UK alone, but there’s no getting away from the fact that Valentine`s Day highlights love in a world that sadly is rife with hate. And whether you celebrate Valentines Day or not, isn`t it wonderful that `Love is in the Air` even if it is for just one day.

And `Love is in the Air `would have also been said over 2000 years ago when Jesus walked around Jerusalem, Galilee and the surrounding areas healing the sick, raising the dead to life, reaching out to the children, performing miracles and sharing God`s love to the multitudes. `Love is in the Air ` made people come to Jesus. It made a woman touch the hem of his garment for healing. It made people shout out `Hallelujah` as He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. It made 12 men follow him for 3 years and it made 2 men run to the empty tomb. It made a tiny man get out of a tree and a tough centurion say, `Surely, this is a righteous man`. And it made 1 criminal accept Him as Lord.

Furthermore, when Jesus died on the Cross, Love was definitely `In the Air` as He took all our sins and rubbish upon Himself so we could be forgiven, have a relationship with Him and eternity with God. In a world where love is so painfully and evidently missing, it`s reassuring to know that we worship a loving God who loves us with a passion and that love will one day see Jesus returning as the Saviour of the Word.

Tina Turner once sang, `What’s Love Gotta Do With It,` I say, absolutely everything: Love heals.  Love breaks down barriers. Love restores. And Love forgives. So, even though Valentine`s Day has now gone for another year, remember to keep sharing Christ`s love and revel in His amazing love too


Pastor Steve