`Snow is fallin` all around me, children playing having fun` maybe words to a Shakin` Stevens Christmas hit, but words that certainly applied to the UK this week when the snow really was falling, especially on Friday when it almost brought the country to a complete standstill, once again.

Yet, despite the chaos the snow brings I still love it, especially walking in it, throwing snow balls at Debs and putting snow down her back, making snow angels and of course, making a snow man. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than when our world turns white. There is something very enchanting looking at a winter wonderland scene either close up or from afar. Furthermore, snow has this wonderful ability to transform the most awful or dirtiest of places into something beautiful, even a rubbish tip looks beautiful when covered with snow.

And when I think about the snow, I believe it is symbolic of when the Holy Spirit falls upon us like it did on the disciples in Acts 2. Moreover, the Holy Spirit doesn`t just bring power and comfort but it also transforms our lives by taking our dreadful circumstances and turning them into something beautiful. It always amazes me the huge effect snow can have: it can cause avalanches, close roads and schools, produce great skiers and even bring communities together. The power of the snowflake is incredible.

And in a time when many people are Snowed Under with the world’s problems and their own issues, it`s reassuring that during the cold snap the fire of the Holy Spirit is still available to anyone who wants Him. As we turn up the heat in our homes during these wintry conditions, let’s make sure we turn up the heat in our Spiritual lives too. As I write this, yes, `snow is fallin` all around me` but let’s make sure the Holy Spirit `is falling all around us` too and as you embrace God`s power allow Him to `melt` your heart.


Pastor Steve