I was reading some articles about the Fitbit recently which is the computing device fitness band that is worn on your wrist to track physical activity and monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns and the number of steps walked. The stylish Fitbit is something I`ve been interested in ever since it came on the market, but yet to buy. To have something constantly on my body reminding and challenging me to exercise, eat well, push myself further and regularly telling me where I need to improve, can only be a good thing. Watch this space.

Furthermore, it would be inspiring [or demoralizing depending on your perspective] to know on a daily basis how well I am doing, how many calories I have burned off, the steps I’ve walked or the amount of time I’ve taken to do each exercise. However, there is a warning attached here. The Fitbit can track your heart but it can`t change your heart. It can tell you what to do but it can`t make you do it. It can encourage you to `go further` but it can`t take you there. It can only inform and not inspire.

The article then stirred me further...what if there was a Spiritual Fitbit? Something that would remind how many minutes I spent praying, reading the bible, praising God and attending church. A gadget that would monitor my financial giving to the church, track my steps in service to God and the `steps` I took in faith, as well as the calories I burned off serving my Lord. A device that would monitor my heart rate when I worship, tell me where I need to improve in my Faith and in my Godly responsibilities. I would hazard a guess that it wouldn`t be very popular on the High Street let alone in Christian Resource Exhibitions. But what a challenge! However, as I continued reading the articles, studies showed that despite the trendy accessory attached to their wrist people still struggle to exercise. Why? Because measurement is one thing, motivation is another.

I finish with this question: How motivated are you in your faith or is it more about the Spiritual accessories than the action? [Exodus 35:20-22]     


Pastor Steve