TAKE A CLOSER LOOK

With only a week to go until the end of the World Cup [Hooray! as some of you are saying], one thing that has dominated the football apart from the vibrant, colourful fans, some exciting matches and temperatures reaching 32C, is something called VAR, which has been a topic of conversation throughout the last 3 weeks. If you don`t know what VAR is, it`s an acronym for Video Assistant Referee and the technology only intervenes in the course of a match if the officials make a `clear and obvious error `.

Furthermore, if there is an error, play is then stopped to allow the ref to take a closer look on the monitor and then correct the decision. And although there is much controversy over it, VAR certainly brings entertainment. Furthermore, VAR highlights areas in the match that need looking at and dealing with.

As Christians, we are susceptible to making errors in our faith and although we don`t need VAR or any other type of technology to highlight them as our Spiritual conscience is enough, however, we do need to stop occasionally and deal with them. Furthermore, this is emphasised in Lamentations 3:40 which says, `examine and probe our ways` or in other words, Take a Closer Look at our lives and correct the mistakes, otherwise the end result will be damaging to our Spiritual health.

We can often overlook our behaviour because we have a God who is full of grace, but we also `know the score` as it does not give us license to abuse the rules. So, if VAR was assessing your decisions today, what would the monitor be saying?


Pastor Steve