TAKE A TRIP DOWN MEMORY LANE

When Debbie and I were in the Peak District recently, we visited Crich Tramway Village museum [near Matlock] which contains over 60 trams built between 1900 and 1930. The museum is set within a traditional early 1900`s period street village where several trams transport tourists into the local countryside and back. It`s well worth a visit especially as it allows you to `take a trip down memory lane` and see how we used to live and maybe even appreciate all that we have today.

We can easily forget our early traditions but it`s our past that allows us to enjoy the wonder of the present. And this `take a trip down memory lane` thought has prompted my article for this week, because as Christians we can easily forget too. We can easily forget what life was like before Christ transformed us, we can easily forget God`s blessings and provisions to us down the years and we can easily forget what a privilege it is to be a Christian too.

Maybe today you need to `go back in time` and get your passion back for God that you once had or take a `trip back to yesteryear` and remember what God has done for you over the years and celebrate His goodness on your life, or simply remember where your adventure with God first started and begin enjoying the journey with Him once again. We can easily forget our early Spiritual heritage but it`s our Christian past that allows us to rejoice in the present and what gives us hope for the future.

So `don’t go off the rails` but `hold on very tight please` ding, ding, because the Christian adventure will be like travelling on a tram at times, uncomfortable, long and arduous and tiring but the destination will be worth it. So `don`t look back in anger` as Oasis once sang, but `look back in wonder` at your transformation. [Sorry]


Pastor Steve