This week I found myself watching the movie `Unbroken` once again. The film is based on the true story of Louie Zamperini an Olympic athlete who joined the army during WW2, only to be captured by the Japanese after a plane crash in the Pacific.

During his capture Louie endured much torture especially from Corporal Watanabe.In one instance, Louie stops working to the anger of Watanabe who forces him to lift a large beam over his head for a long period of time as a punishment, ordering a guard to shoot Louie if he drops it. Despite the searing heat, exhaustion and his frail body from previous beatings, Louie successfully holds it up which enraged Watanabe even further, which led to even more torture. Louie survived the Japanese camp and devoted his life to God and died in 2014.

Another person would have been crushed under that torture but not Louie. His steadfast attitude, strength of character, his determination to survive and his desire to see His family again, kept Louie going. Nothing would break him not even his broken body. `Unbroken` means: constant, steady, resolute, resilient and solid. Today in a very shaky world, God is looking for more Louie Zamperini`s, yes, men and women who are constant, steady, resolute, resilient and solid in their faith.

Sadly, too many Christians `drop the beam` and quit when the going gets tough, but Louie proved that with the right mentality anything is possible. Can God count on you to `keep lifting the beam over your head`, Spiritually speaking? Can you keep going when everything is stacked against you? Apostle Paul did in the book of Acts and I encourage you to do the same because our world is going to get worse and God needs to be able to relay on Unbroken Christians to carry out His work. My prayer is that many people`s lives will be transformed and restored because `nothing would break you, not even a broken body`.


Pastor Steve